Afro-Latinx Poetry

Afro-Latinx Poetry

Queen Mob’s Tea House is accepting poetry by Afro-Latinx poets

From haiku to sonnet to free-verse, any format is welcome. Poems that center around the Afro-Latinx experience are of special interest for this issue. No theme or subject matter is off limits as long as the poet identifies as Afro-Latinx.

In the U.S., Latinos with Caribbean roots are more likely to identify as Afro-Latino or Afro-Caribbean than those with roots elsewhere. Those who identify as Afro-Latino are more concentrated on the East Coast and in the South than other Latinos. – Pew Research Center

We encourage and welcome poetry that explores intersectional themes within Afro-Latinidad including but not limited to LGBTQ identities, disability and illness narratives and mental health issues.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. If one/any of your poems is accepted for publication elsewhere, please let us know via email so we may withdraw it from consideration. We will accept unpublished work only.

Submit no more than 3 poems (up to 6 pages) in English, Spanish or Spanglish, with a short cover letter that includes a 50-100 word biographical statement. All poems and cover letter should be submitted as a single Word document format (.doc, .docx) to [email protected].


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