12.5 Review of Christopher Brown’s Tropic of Kansas

  1. This book is that rare thing – a page-turner with brains.
  2. Looking forward 50 years you’re going to want to have this and the Anarchist Cookbook by your bedside.
  3. When Sig was nine years old his mother got arrested for her protesting. They said they suspected her of terrorist activities. They sent seven men in suits to take her away in black Suburban. She said they just wanted to shut her up.
  4. Brown is great at describing how the empire creeps into the bloodstream.
  5. Imma go ahead and submit this as the official soundtrack to this book.
  6. The name on the door was Mr. Wizard.  The shop was at the far end of a run-down strip mall on the other side of town, across the street from the repurposed big box where they had arrested Moco and the others. Tania had left the hotel looking for this place, after seeing an ad on Channel Zero, just a name and address that flashed on one of the test patterns.
  7. By the end of this book I was all like.
  8. Don’t just take it from me – here’s an interview with the author himself.
  9. I just saw this recently and I’m going to recommend it as a natural jab to Brown’s cross.
  10. Trust me.
  11. Brown manages to sketch out a dystopic ‘Murica in broad strokes that don’t feel lacking. In fact, the ease with which the reader accepts these facts is not only an indictment of our current state of political affairs but also testimony to Brown’s talent.
  12. 50 years from now you’ll be able to look back at all the sage advice you’ve gleaned from its pages and liberally doled out and say ‘I told you so’.         12.5 BUY

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