MISFIT DOC: Aphorisms For Embodying the Pit

Book of Revelations Forthcoming From the Bodega,

Written in Glass Dick on Silken Roses or:

Aphorisms For Embodying the Pit


  1. The best way to purge glass from deep tissue is by introducing more glass to the system.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the importance of the pen, if you decapitate the tip it can be used for freebasing the muse.
  3. You can’t cover your eyes to the apparent if you always have shit smeared hands.
  4. A breakfast of butane contains all the nutritional requirements needed.
  5. Clothes covered in snail trails are a testament to life’s filth. Revel in it.
  6. Soil your sheets. Bathe in turpentine. Pheromones are of no use in this corporeality.
  7. Taught skin is for decoration purposes only. Nothing of substance comes with virginity.
  8. Sell yourself as often as possible and to the lowest bidder. Worth can only be assessed through degradation.
  9. Food is not god. Pesticides strip the body anew. Accept the alteration of DNA through consummation.
  10. The entirety of our rock is one overdue abortion. Death is nothing more than retroactive dept paid.
  11. Welcome the uncomfortability of unwelcomeness. Spreading sickness is as important to life as anything of monetary worth.
  12. Mark your flesh. Scar the tissue. Tattoo your lungs. Separate insides from outsides. The further away from birth you allow yourself the closer to the closer you get.
  13. Congregate with the rejected. Decrepit bodies house more varieties than collegiate minds.
  14. There is no cure. Kill all hope. Only revelry in malaise can produce value.
  15. Offer up incisors to anyone propagating flippant beauty. No room should ever be made for aesthetic cuteness.
  16. Manifest hells howls and catcall men in children’s clothes.
  17. Never settle for accessibility. Obscurity keeps our kind thriving on the discard of the many.
  18. Submit yourself with immolation to those who have penetrated you and presented your insides to you in a gilded goblet.
  19. Smoke doesn’t always stem from fire. It has been known to ignite in the history books.
  20. Mildew will always flourish on the upper lip if your eyes stand at attention.
  21. Calluses are inevitable, so consume a newborn whenever opportune.
Lee Levinson has work in Fluland and Peculiar Mormyrid. He spends his time in the tunnels between New Jersey and New York when he's not extracting glass from his foot. He tweets at @schlock_jaw and writes at leelevinson.wordpress.com.

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