Poem: Christina Drill

Illo for Christina Drill's poem.

Cooking Show

Bitch, you are here
to release your fears
to high powers.

It makes you sentient.

The first three times
I ate two mushrooms

I was too drunk
the first two times.

The third time
a new Britney Spears song had just come out
and it went one, two, three,
Not only you and me
Got 180 degrees
And I’m caught in between

Someone played it again
and again I began to hear rice
stirring on the walls.
Flowers grew.

I recognized that as hunger.

I knew all of the words
to Britney Spears like I had
cooked it

We put breakfast on muffins
and watched a French
film shot on film.

In it, a girl did not care
about anything,
except for what
might happen to her.

I believed, I unstuck
saran wrap from itself.
I was in awe
of my transformation.
Christina Drill is the author of NEW BOWS (Five/Quarterly 2014). Her work has been published in Word Riot, Dogzplot, CheapPop Lit, and The Newer York. Her non-fiction has appeared in New York Magazine and Broadly. She lives in Brooklyn.

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