Jeremy Fernando presents: ‘Parched’ by Brinda Gulati

sara chong -- firenze, 2012



I wonder if liquid sunshine pitter-patters on your windowpane.
Whether you wish for my lulling presence on crowded nights,
If you scrub away vexing thoughts of me, like a wine stain;
I wonder if you hear my laughter in a thousand lights.
Whether it is my brown eyes in your coffee mug that you swirl,
If you struggle with math and smile at my mirroring complexity,
Whether, in everyone you search for that knotty girl;
I wonder if it is my reflection in still waters you see.
If behind closed doors you long for a silhouette tossing in your sheets,
Whether traipsing in corridors eclipses the crumbling walls,
If my absence matches your footsteps on cobbled streets
I wonder if you touch solitude in deafening halls.
And if ever,
You are lost in the smoke from your lit cigarette
Dancing in my form,
You’ll find yourself wondering –
You’ll find yourself wondering, how,
Your chasms are still flooded
By my raging storm.
I wonder if liquid sunshine pitter-patters on your windowpane …



the featured image is entitled ‘Firenze’ by Sara Chong
‘Parched’ was first published in the maiden issue of Patchwork in January 2017

Brinda Gulati was an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, and is currently pursuing graduate work in English Literature & Creative Writing at the University of Warwick. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the university wide literary publication Patchwork; and loves dogs, poetry, and calligraphy.

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