Lust Thrust Thursdays: Talking Weed & Sex with Daisy Dabs

Fetishes go beyond tentacle porn, autoerotic asphyxiation and feet worship. Some require less contortion and near-death experiences, such as weed fetishism. Weed fetishism is the close cousin of smoking fetishism (capnolagnia). A quick internet search will show you that the aesthetic of weed fetishism lends itself to attractive pornography. There’s smoke like the fog in a film noir.  A slow pace. A beautiful woman. It’s not surprising that weed porn is gaining popularity.

We had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of adult film performer Daisy Dabs. She was gracious enough to answer a couple of questions about weed and sex for us.

Dabs mainly creates couples porn, specializing in weed fetish, with her husband. “We figured there were other stoner couples out there wanting quality weed porn since there were really outdated clips on PornHub at the time.”

Some say that people are attracted to the “bad girl” image associated with weed smoking. Others claim that smoking weed intensifies sensations that lead to better orgasms. Dabs is certain that the appeal is more about the plethora of Ganja Girls (basically laid back and beautiful weed smokers) in their underwear on Instagram. “It’s always been kind of sexual. It’s almost like softcore porn on there, and people are wanting more than fifteen seconds.”

The interest in weed porn is growing, although it seems one-sided. According to PornHub Insights, men are 117 percent more likely to search for weed porn, leaving women at -54 percent.  However, Dabs sees this changing on her end. “The number of female fans we had a year ago was pretty small compared to now. I see more and more female fans coming into the mix. I can definitely see that growing with all the guys in the weed industry passing along or sharing their love for weed with their new girlfriends.”

With support for the legalization of recreational marijuana growing all over the country, I’m inclined to agree. Assuming weed is, or soon will be, legal in your state, here are some tips from Daisy Dabs to help you make the most of the weed and sex experience.



From joints, to bowls, to edibles and even topicals, there are many ways to experience weed and sex. Do you feel that one is better or more convenient than the other?

Daisy Dabs:

Really whatever the couple of individual prefers. An herb or dab pen are the easiest to work with as long as they can hold enough to give you big and enough clouds. Bong rips are pretty easy as long as you’ve ground your weed beforehand. If you are dabbing, I suppose an ENail would work best because trying to hold that torch is pretty hard!


It is widely agreed upon that the best position for smoking requires being on top. what positions do you recommend?


Definitely on top, or doggy.


What are some of the best places for stoned sex?


Either your living room or the great outdoors, but only if you know you won’t get stumbled upon naked and stoned.


Any tips for combining oral sex and smoking weed?


Blunts, joints or herb/wax pens are the way to go. They are small enough that they really let you get into it. You don’t want fancy glass in the way. Oh, and water! Cottonmouth is very real and very uncomfortable for a good blowjob.

A big thank you to Daisy Dabs for allowing Queen Mob’s Teahouse to poke her brain about combining two of our favorite pastimes. Like she said, “It really is my dream job. I still have moments when I say ‘my job is to get high and suck my lover’s dick. I mean, I’m gonna do it anyway!’”

I think it’s time we all join in on the fun.

You can find Daisy Dab on Twitter or her PornHub account.

Gem Blackthorn is QMT's Sex Editor

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