In Observance of Better Days: The X-Files, Ep. 2

  1. Classic signs of a “Monster of the Week” episode: monster’s victim stumbles while walking; high-pitched sound frequencies; red eyes.
  2. Further classic signs of a “weekly” episode: frantic coworkers, hearing voices, violent death.
  3. Mulder makes childish demands, Scully goes for the practical. Their symbiosis is successful.
  4. James Wong wrote this episode, thank Christ.
  5. Vik Sahay (Gupta) was a member of the Nerd Herd on Chuck.RGB tiff image by MetisIP
  6. The flashlights, they tug at my heart.
  7. This baby-harvesting plotline was quite creepy in the 90s and early 00s. Now, in the aftermath of the Planned Parenthood stings, their continued usage as an ongoing subplot seems misguided and potentially stupid.
  8. Skinner’s office. Mulder spouts crazy theory. Skinner asks Scully for her opinion. She demurs. Time is a flat circle.
  9. Heyyy, back in the basement!
  10. 1/3 mark: this is an average episode, which is a 100% improvement over Ep. 1.
  11. “This is what you suspected all along, but were afraid to articulate?” Scully 1, Mulder 0.
  12. Scully’s dream sequence was the most pointless thing I’ve seen on TV in some time. It advances none of the story while placing heft on a life as a mother that was never even postulated for her.
  13. I retract the joy I mentioned in #9: this office is exponentially neater than would be acceptable for the X-Files office.
  14. How many subplots are we wrangling now? Four?
  15. You guys think pro-life groups are gonna manipulate Ep. 2 footage for the next Planned Parenthood sting?
  16. Visiting the perpetrator’s home, meeting combative parents (who, despite their firm beliefs, never know everything about their kid’s life): classic MOW hallmarks.
  17. Therapy sessions for the X-Files writers must cost a pretty penny, given the sheer volume and intensity of the parent-directed issues they likely work through. 
  18. Of course Mulder would have his six-year-old watch 2001.

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