What to Read on Bowie

Transformer // Berfrois

The metamorphosis couldn’t stop at Ziggy Stardust // London Review of Books

Fame puts you there where things are hollow //  New York Review of Books 

69 Facts //  BBC

Floating // Dangerous Minds

What is Blackstar about? // The Atlantic

Thoughts on The Next Day // HTML Giant

Low Land // London Scrawling

Planned Accidents // The Quietus

Bowie and Burroughs // The Guardian

He felt like an embodiment of so many of my anxieties, but expressed them in a joyous and liberating way // A Piece of Monologue

Eternal // London Review of Books

Obituary // The New York Times

Obituary // BBC

Obituary // The Guardian

Postscript // The New Yorker

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