12.5 point review: Youth’s “Middle Class Riot”

  1. Swear I heard falsetto voices on the breeze, a digeridoo and – chimes?! My god the chimes! Are those church bells? Is that a jazz bass? Birdsong?!
  2. If, in the mid-80s, some heroin-addled lads from the North of England wrote a symphonic ode to an empty, heavily graffitied El train, they’d sound like this.
  3. I was originally going to pair this review with one of Paolo Sorrentino’s latest films. My plan fell apart, but don’t let that stop you from seeing the film which, as our British cousins, say is ‘”brilliant.
  4. Vangelis is all over this thing (but not in a smaltzy way); more in a progressive foundational way. (I mean seriously what album with more than a little synth doesn’t owe something to him?)
  5. It has got all the grit and glam of this.
  6. The cover is also pretty cool.
  7. I was working in a café on South Congress in Austin, Texas the first time I heard Tortoise’s “Millions Now Living Will Never Die” and this reminds me of that moment; it was like I was hearing that album for the very first time. Also: like I’d never die.
  8.  If I seem to be talking around this album it’s because frankly I’m at a loss. It is simply too vast in scope and momentous in all its thundering detail that it is impossible to approach it directly.
  9. The youth ….rioting.
  10. Dare I call this album hopeful? Dare I call it an auditory manifesto for the 22nd century post-Matrix generation?The-Matrix
  11. The third track makes me think of a dirty lo-fi amateur cyberpunk film shot in a ruinous warehouse outside of Warsaw in the dead of winter. The crescendo corresponding to when the sun comes up over blankets of snow.
  12. I could find precious little about this band online (and that’s one more reason to like it).

12.5 Buy it here  

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