Poets Online Talking About Coffee: Cornelia Barber

Welcome to Team QMT! What are your Thanksgiving plans? Oh, and what can our readers expect from your editorship?

My horoscope for this week is telling me to get extra sleep. Much needed. I plan to be with people I love and drink a lot of wine and go to sleep early. Take care of myself and people close to me. QMT is so cool already. You’ll be seeing more spaces to talk about intimacy and healing, love and how fucked up and brilliant it is. I just did a one pull Tarot reading to answer this question and pulled “The Emperor”. I interpret this as empowerment for the QMT community. Let’s add to it, explore the depths of what language can do, what it fails at and why. Let’s get naked and laugh and cry and get drunk together and feel the roots of where we grow our integrity. Let’s listen to each other. No matter what. More emerging voices, more POC voices, more queer and trans and female voices. Let’s party.

What’s your message for the internet conspiracists who claim that all your poetry is a reaction to all the blue in this video?

Omg. This video is simultaneously so titilating and nauseating. As for the blue, and my poetry, reminds me of a quote from another Blue, a line from Frank Booth in the movie Blue Velvet. “I’ll send you a love letter. You know what that is? It’s a bullet from a fuckin gun! If you get a love letter from me you’re fucked forever!” That’s my kind of blue. I might have to neglect the rest of my day now to watch Up Close and Personal.

If that happens, sales of espresso at Little Zelda on Franklin will surely plummet. Have you got a poem that isn’t about the blue in Céline Dion videos? 

Don’t Be Nice To Your Rapist

You’re such a dorky celestial mess.

I’d like to give men something else to jack off to.

I’d like to write, emancipatory, unapologetic

Feminine poetry for men. For little boys.

How do I get rid of this grime?

Real, live, naked, horny girl!

We know what you want before you do.

Feeling bloody is a normal response to it.

We’re pornographers of your inner light

Goddess, and of your biggest fears.

We’re pleasure seekers who dwell in

The deep depths of boy and girl.

I am not shaking like a rabbit hole,

Or like your ex-boy-friend’s missed call.

And I promise I won’t be nice to you if you

Promise you won’t be nice to your rapist.

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