Poets Online Talking About Coffee: Natalie Chin

How did you celebrate SG50?

8th/9th august, two of my best friends came over after dark, i hadn’t seen either of them in a few months and we ended up hanging out till 4am, then we decided to stay up a little longer to watch the sun rise over the shard and london bridge. at 4:30am the light made the skyscrapers soft and beautiful. i remember turning to see my boyfriend alone on the balcony, happily watching the sky open into morning – feel like it’s rare to catch someone absorbed in a single motion/the way they are when they aren’t conscious that anyone else is around – and when he turned around i remembered it was 9th august now and said “happy 50th birthday singapore”. later, after waking up in the aftenoon, i watched videos of the sg50 parade and snaps my sister sent me of my family reciting the national pledge together and cried some. homesick isn’t the right word – but i felt something like that


How much coffee did you drink to stay awake that late/early?

none at all

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