Poem: Lauren Elma Frament


mount delight road, 4:21 pm
(after school special)

we watch from the woods
         the boys sitting on the dock
         of some poison lake
         that cannot hold us
                  in utero
                           lust clouds
         puffing out
                  from a fat joint
                  she & i share

& we will join them       eventually
         & the one i will later fuck
                  in the backseat
         is a twenty-one year old hammer
                  i have been using
                           to drive in the nails

of my teenage rebellion /       but for now,
we watch them eat mushrooms plain
         we watch them not wince
                  at the taste of cowshit
         which means they must be
lauren elma frament is a writer & feminist living in Manchester, NH. her work has appeared or is forthcoming in FreezeRay Poetry, The Harpoon Review, Electric Cereal, Nailed Magazine, & the Again I Wait for This to Pull Apart anthology (FreezeRay Press), among others. influences include Adrienne Droogas & Jeanna Fine. she likes cross-stitching & standing in the front at punk shows.

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