Poem: Grant Leuning


Google Maps Land Color

Color of clay, color of a sick
anglo saxon who is shut-in
its house, color of pills, of a
handful of expired anti-virus.

It makes one sick, me sick, to look at an earth
the color of this wan clay, this void clay color,
to have the world color-coded and branded,
not by cartographers in their science, another
strange way to re-make the shared earth, of
what we are only a piece, but not branded,
not coordinated, not designed by fucking
designers to be pleasing and coherent across
multiplying shit google platforms of advertisement
for fucking expired anti-virus and for cheap clay
and ads for anglo saxon hobbies like inside,
hobbies like being on in the inside of a house for
a whole unending day and not leaving and turning
fucking gray like the earth they imagine the color
of the earth to be

Change the color of the google maps land color,
to pink or land color like harder green or yellow
for pastures and corn and bean fields and black
for where the ponds and white for where the stone
shows through white or where snow is in winter
and none of this fucking unnatural alien clay
color for us or for earth
Grant Leuning is a writer and poet in San Diego. He is the author of the experimental poem A Million Dollars Isn’t Cool, You Know What’s Cool, A Billion Dollars, and a collection of poetry entitled I Don’t Want to Die in the Ocean. He is looking for a publisher for his new collection of poems, Empty Bird. His website is gmleuning.tumblr.com and he tweets and ellos as IlllllllllllllI.

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