Day 4: Saying Goodbye to Not AWP

9 am: Put on that mask of P.E. Garcia  one last time.  Walk around looking into mirrors; terrifying the cat.

10 am: Go downstairs to buy some milk and forget to the take the mask off.  Clerk thinks your about to commit armed robbery.

10:01 am: Take mask off and assure clerk you just need to buy some milk.

10:15 am: Back in your apartment the fear of missing out so called FOMO takes on a new meaning. You are sad about having nothing left to feel like you are missing out on.

10:20 am:  Get in the car and drive to airport.

10:45 am: Get the cheapest ticket you can find.

11:10 am: Sit in waiting area near your gate and say goodbye to everyone getting on the plane.

11:15 am: Hug strangers.  Cry.  Tell them you will keep in touch.  Tell them you can’t wait to read that manuscript they said they’d send.

3 pm: Finally back home and exhausted from all that crying you put your P.E. Garcia mask back on.

3:30 pm: Buy your ticket to Los Angeles online.

3:33 pm: Post all over social media about AWP 2016!

3:45 pm: Notice you’ve bought a non-refundable ticket for the wrong weekend.


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