Sight Unseen: Purity

Holy shitballs… the movie of the book, man… and Franzen guest stars! I just bonded with this movie, like… fuck… totally bonded. Pip’s trip across the world is a MULTI-GENERATIONAL EPIC and you know that’s the butter on my popcorn.

Frankly, this film FREAKIN’ NAILS modern America, man… and the way America sees the rest of the world. We go to EAST GERMANY before the fall of the FREAKIN’ WALL man, before America took that wall and knocked it down! Yes, it would have been good to see Hasselhoff and maybe some more blót, but hey, it’s a faithful adaptation.

An American isn’t AMERICAN until she’s gone abroad and had an ECONOMIC HAPPENING in that country… this movie doesn’t disappoint… PURITY is just – I know I always say this – almost as extreme as Hjaðningavíg!

I’d love to see more of Pip. Maybe more of her family when they first came to AMERICA. This is just FREAKIN’ SEROTONIN-BLASTIN’ MADDNESS… you’ll never write again!

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