POEMS: Emma Heldman

The Sound of Wind Coming to Your Face

The winds blow softly
saying to blow
like blowjobs just
kidding that’s not
what the wind says
but it wants to
know what you’re doing
tonight and how you
are and what’s your
job and what have
you been up to and
who is in your e-mail list
just kidding the wind
isn’t asking that
the wind says shut up
listen and then
make noise. The wind
says whatever I’ll blow
through you whether
you like it or not but
probably better if you
like it and ask for
me to come through you
in the ways you like.
The wind says it
won’t push things
around too much
if it doesn’t have to.
The wind says
it gives all the
fucks it needs to.





The Truth is Out There

Everyone likes aliens
and I don’t know
who really believes
and I want to
know what’s honest
but sometimes I have
to ask like last
night when someone
said they liked my
boots and I said
are you joking?
Everyone asks about
my curtains they
are just sheets and
everyone wants to know
if I’ve ever dyed my hair
and I normally tell them
about the hose I used
and a boxed dye but I
normally leave out
the peer pressure.
It is strange what we
omit. It is strange what
we believe or





Emma Heldman is a writer residing in Cincinnati. She graduated from
Ohio University. She wants to make you tea. You can find her on the
blogosphere: emmaheldman.wordpress.com.

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