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Poemblot (as in inkblot) is a regular feature where a general reader (i.e. someone who does not have an educational or professional background in writing or literature) is shown a poem and asked to offer an immediate impression. The reader reads the poem no more than twice and is not given any instruction on how to read it or information about the author. One of the purposes of Poemblot is to explore the different perceptions and assumptions readers bring to a text. The readers' full names will not be shared to protect them from rampaging, ego-bruised poets on social media. Instead we'll offer some basic background information and a representational photo provided by each reader as a framework for who they are.


Brandy D. FullSizeRender

Age: 42

Occupation: Kitchen Queen 

Favorite Book: Ticktock

Favorite Movie: Dogma

Favorite TV Show: Scarecrow and Mrs. King 

Favorite Song: Question (Moody Blues)



My Father Tries To Tell a Story

He imitates the gait

with the slow canter of his fingers

and it was a buck my father said,

trapped on the bridge and I, the gatekeeper.

A deer must have wandered in early 

before the rise of commuters 

then the boats came, the bridge 

rose and trapped the animal. My father

tried to stop the gate from closing,

this man who had hunted and killed

dozens, carried them out

from under the pines. Yet all morning

he tried to explain the difference 

of the body wild jumping over the side 

and his own body reaching foolishly 

for what he could not save.



1. What strikes you most about this poem? Does reading it bring up any thoughts, emotions or sensations?

The poem made me a little sad- wild majesty trapped by human contraptions and then lost. But it also reminded me that context matters. 

2. What do you like most about this poem?

The poem was clear enough that I felt like I could understand at least some of what the author was trying to express. 

3. What do you like least about this poem?

I’m not a huge fan of the feeling of disjointed, halting storytelling, and I did get that from this piece. 

4. Before reading any poem, do you come to it with certain expectations? If so, does this particular poem meet those expectations? Does your expectations affect your opinion of this poem?

Not knowing what to expect at all, I had absolutely no expectations going in, which is nice because it means that I couldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t meet my expectations. 


5. Does this poem make you want to read more poems?

The poem didn’t drive me to change my consumption of poetry in general. 

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