Existential Crisis Board Game: Writers Edition

poetry is dead—go back 3 pages.
it was just a coma—go forward 6 pages.
you need a map to find the poetry section at chapters—go back 5 pages.

you get published, you win a happy meal—go forward 4 pages.
the happy meal doesn’t come with a toy— go back 2 pages.
there is a lawsuit over your poem—go back 10 pages.

the publicity makes you famous, 5 people have now bought the book—go forward 3
4 of them were your mother—go back 1 page.
you forgot which direction you’re headed—restart board game.
the board game you created when you were avoiding editing is now on fire—call the

Street photographer, vegetarian and poet, Jill Talbot, was born in Vancouver, BC.
She dreamed of living in New York as a scientist. Instead she became a writer on
Gabriola Island where a run-over turkey makes the paper. Jill studied psychology at Simon Fraser University and once did an ethics course for someone else (seriously). After a heroin escapade and a wrong ferry and a polar bear swim she is now working on her first chapbook. Jill is a Gemini and a twin.

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