Book Ideas I Haven’t Yet Written (Please Don’t Steal)

Do you keep a “good idea” notebook? I do. I’m not sure why because I so rarely acts on these ideas. But I will. So they’re still mine. You can’t use these ideas for your own work. Oh don’t you dare. I mean it.

My (as-of-now) unwritten books:

A religion comprised entirely of mumbles.

A place where “reality” only exists in shadows.

A book of unobservable phenomenas.

A mix of hard and soft within the same text, both flowy and structured.

Use bewilderment to resolve the unresolvable.

Bacteria in the form of August.

A raving lunatic who is always completely calm.

An empire without meaning.

Feminine pollution activists and their love lives.

An imaginary history based on an imaginary time.

A reality we can neither see nor describe, but existence we may deduce.

A woman’s brother dies. She goes to each of his past lovers and tells her, “You were the love of his life,” even though it is a lie.

Soldier goes up to a corpse and explains how war is complicated.

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