ASK AVANT: What Should I Vinda-doo?

Ask Avant is a series in which award-nominated internet persona Avant Garcia helps everyday people by imparting wisdom  from the Council of Hedgehogs. Today's advisee is @teenpizzagenius from Texas.

You ask a question that we’ve all asked at some point. In fact, I’ve found myself pondering it so often that I’ve devised an interactive (and fun!) questionnaire you can use to determine the best course of action. Simply answer the following questions, and when you come to the end, you will have your answer.


Do you prefer nighttime or daytime?

If you prefer daytime, CLICK HERE.

If you prefer the suffocating darkness of night, CLICK HERE.


(Full disclosure: I had to look up what vindaloo is because my diet consists solely of steamed whole grain rice and birthday cake Oreos. )


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