The Queen’s New Year’s Address

i’m very proud of ALL my hedgehogs  (novelists and poets alike!!).

it is ALWAYS  a time to party !! ….. and it ALWAYS a time to love AND hate everyone. it’s been a wonderful start for us in 2014 and we’re looking forward to 2015!

“an orgy of shapes, ideas, forms” —– YEAH, YEAH  play hard, play nice

fuck novelists



POETS— love the Novelists (they are people too) !!!!  XOXOXOXOX    mwah!!!

eat a book now and then. or a movie. snack on some music.

DON’T  speak ill of the dead (though someone needs to!!)

draw the fireworks into your body and RAVE RAVE RAVE RAVE

and read us. and send us your “stuff”   xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

orgy, orgy, orgy

HM–  The Queen

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