A Message From The President

I just got off the phone with The Queen where I offered her my congratulations! In a difficult year indeed the Teahouse has been a place of refuge for me. It is, as I told her, the best thing that happened in 2014. Heads are being cut off in deserts, young men are shot dead on our streets, but the Tea House is a place of sanity:

(and cue music here)

A place that’s stimulated my senses, helped refuel my energies. The HOUSE, as I like to call it, never fails to buoy my spirit and restore my faith in the great potential of the human spirit!

The Queen was quite charming! Such a soothing voice! And such a delicate and engaging wit! (even though she did make some really saucy suggestions. In fact Michelle and I are rushing over to the Teahouse now where the Queen has promised to receive us in all her hedgehog majesty!)

barrack collage
“always best, my dear, to settle things in the flesh!”

My only misgiving about The Teahouse is that Rion Scott. Yeah, there’s something very peculiar about this guy and I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s the Underground thing (and all this agitating!). Or maybe it’s that mischief-twinkle always dancing maniacally in his eyes. But, I’m hoping that he’ll be waiting with the Queen to receive us and, yes, I think this is something we can settle in the flesh.

That’s what The Queen tells me: “always best, my dear, to settle things in the flesh!”  And, so if Rion’s isn’t there I’m going to reach out to him and perhaps we can catch a movie together sometime. Or play a nice round of golf!

I’m excited to see, read and taste and absolutely feast on what Queen Mob’s has in store for us in 2015!

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