Jeremy Fernando presents: Tan Jingliang

The work of art is not an instrument of communication. The work of art has nothing to do with communication. The work of art strictly does not contain the least bit of information. To the contrary, there is a fundamental affinity between the work of art and the act of resistance …

— Gilles Deleuze, ‘Having an Idea in Cinema (on the cinema of Straub-Huillet)’

In this short film, shot entirely on location in Sri Lanka, Jingliang explores the possibility of allowing time — the movement of images — to tell its story. Instead of imposing herself onto its tale, instead of directing, she opens herself to being the eye, hand, body, through which the images inscribe themselves.

Where what is resisted is precisely information, the attempt to inform; where what she resists is perhaps meaning.

And, what is opened — what Jingliang’s film, her camera, opens — is the rhythm, flow, movement, of the work of art, of film, itself …

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