Jeremy Fernando presents: Gael Garcia Bernal

In this short conversation — which took place in Saas Fee, Switzerland in August 2012 — Gael and I sip coffee and talk about the relationality between acting, philosophy, and love. In particular, we attempt to explore the question of performance, performativity, and thought.

And even though the conversation is ostensibly between the two of us, the spectre of the third was constantly haunting us: not in the banal sense of an imagined audience that we were playing for or too; nor in any pretense at reaching out to anyone that might have been listening in; but in the fact that it was the recording that was capturing what was being said between us better than we had, more than we ever could. Thus, it was only by viewing, reviewing — tuning our receptors to a chord that might have been inaudible to us as we were speaking with each other — that we could perhaps bear witness to our conversation, to the conversation itself.

A conversation that we now watch, attempt to listen to — with you.

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