My name is Tiffany Midge and I hope to blog assorted miscellany, minutia, lists, types of memetic programming, and report upon status quo populist (fascist) “thinking.”

Here’s some personal information: The day I was born my father picked out my name from a TIME magazine in the hospital waiting room; my namesake was a woman who outfitted in a parachute made out of recycled silk, flung herself from the wings of airplanes into the open mouths of rainforests.

I come from a horse culture people (Hunkpapa Lakota) with pretty, pretty names. My grandmother was Gertrude Brought Plenty, my grandfather was Joseph Iron Thunder. The other side of my family planted things in the dirt and practiced German folk ballads on the piano. Hybridity is a staple of my creative work.

My books are The Woman Who Married a Bear (forthcoming, University of New Mexico Press) and Outlaws, Renegades and Saints: Diary of a Mixed-up Halfbreed (Greenfield Review Press).

There’s some other weird stuff I’ve published online too, like this http://notellmotel.org/poem_single.php?id=1918_0_1_0

and this http://www.ravenchronicles.org/theme/15-1Midge.html

and even this http://asusjournal.org/2014/10/25/tiffany-midge-fiction/

I’m currently involved with several editing projects, writing a memoir “If Sam Shepard was Here Right Now He’d Shit his Fucking Pants” and a satiric/erotic/espionage novel “How to Write the Great American (Tentacle Porn) Novel.” I opine at https://twitter.com/TiffanyMidge

Merci Beaucoup! (That’s French for I’m adorable!)

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