Album Review: 1989

4.75 stars out of 5

we are all pretty bored right now

the more times taylor swift says the word “feminist” the shorter her hair gets yeah i can say that because i am a woman right i can say that i dont even believe in the gender binary and i can say that age twenty two after getting ready all afternoon with her white women friends (there is a reason everyone leaves the country) taylor arrives at the party and runs immediately to hug the only black woman at the party can i write this down you can watch it yourself i saw it happen it was the only hug and taylor says she cant relate any longer to her song mean because she doesnt really care any more or she cares less i miss the accent where did the accent go or the white teeth she used to care about everything she used to care about sparkles and polka dots we all used to care a lot more about everything the drummer with the sunglasses or my student who wears sunglasses to class everyday and i let him because he looks better that way i too have felt those things which is why i can choose to no longer feel them she knows revenge like i don’t i have never tried anything i never got someone to call me crazy or call me anything so this is a poem about gender this is a poem about race this is a poem about my adult acne.

this isnt hollywood this is a small town in the music video for you belong with meby taylor swift opens with an image of taylor as a  Nerd. you can imagine this nerd. she is wearing glasses that no nerd would buy they are navy they are round they are large they are hip her curls have moderate fluff to them they are missing shine. she is doing homework in her room curtains open exhibiting herself to the next door neighbor the football player. she is saying love me for who i am which isnt me at all” or “if you love me this way we will have overcome all odds” or “i would get a tattoo for you” or “procreate with me and procreate the aryan racelater we meet her nemesis- The Popular Girl. she drives a car. she wears short skirts. she has the shiniest wig. she is taylor swift with dark brown hair. she is taylor swift wearing a wig. taylor swift is at once the unpopular girl and the popular girl. she is single and wanting and cheating on her boyfriend with the brunette. after removing her glasses she further exposes her duality. eventually He kicks brunette taylor to the curb and picks blonde taylor. A kiss. a simple conclusion. you can embody multiple identities but be sure you choose to market them appropriately. i really dont want to think about this like i dont want to think about pretty children i dont even know if nerds exist because i never have and never will see anyone besides myself.

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