Goro Ikeda-Iyeki

Goro writes and lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY. He has been accepted into the ‘Spaceship Earth’ residency, an indefinite fieldwork program on the planetary ark known as Terra. He is an avid reader, listener and show goer. You can find him running around New York City going from one arts event to the other.

Show me how sounds and music bring forth thought.
Send me your best playlists.
Send me a review you can’t publish because it’s too strange.
Show me how sounds and music forms intersect with politics.
Write a poem about a song you really hate.
Drown me in the songs of your moment.
Put together a sonic diary.
Review your own songs.
Each response to a sound or song makes a demand on form. I’d like to collect these forms and put them into a mix. All formats acceptable.

Send all music submissions to music@queenmobs.com