The Bees, the Flowers|_

The Bees, the Flowers|_

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​Yeah, sure. Don’t tell anyone.

​The Bees, the Flowers, Jesus, Ancient Tigers, Poseidon, Adam and Eve|_

Bitching. Now that’s a fucking title… but “ancient tigers?”

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​Sure, sure. Ok. Hmm. Oh that’s good. Hummm. Huh!

Huh! That bumblebee|_

Yeah. Nailing this.

looks ridiculous staggering its way|_

across those|_

blue flowers,|_

What the fuck do you call them?

the ones I can never remember the name of.|_

Yeah, totally poeting hard now.



You can do this. Write the fucking poem. Nothing… Nothing… Oh God, my life is such a sad god-damned swindle. Blue flowers. Violets? Violets? No, those are violet. Jesus. Poseidon. Fuck. Botching this. Fucking bees. Why did I pick bees? Wait, that’s it. Thank you, thank you as always, Barry.

​I will not drift without direction the rest of my life!!! Fly like the bumblebees Michael Derrick Hudson!

Do you know the old engineer’s

joke: that, theoretically, bees can’t fly?|_

But they look so

perfect together, like|_

Like… like whaaaat… like my Special Purpose… my Absolute Purpose. YES. Looking smart, like
fucking German smart, all capitalized.

Absolute Purpose incarnate:|_

one bee plus one blue flower|_

Yeah, blue. One bee + one blue fucking flower = … Yes, Microsoft gave me Adam and Eve. Well, here’s some goddamn evolution:

equals about a billion years of|_

bees flowers evolutionOK Google… what have you got for me… s-y-m-b-i-o-s-i-s


Bees. Flowers. Stamens and pistils. (Oh yeah, eat this pistil…) Pollen. In their pouches. Thigh pouches. Yeah, fucking S-E-fucking-X. This is golden.

Thigh-pouches stuffed with pollen and… stamen and pistil.|_

Something of stamen and pistil. Something. Baffling. Baffling intricacies. You living fucking God of Poetry. Poseidon, man.

and baffling intricacies of stamen and pistil.

But what the fuck am I doing here? How are we even looking at these goddamn thigh pouches. Yeah, a microscope, bitches. Fucking metaphorical microscope. Nailed it.

Which leads me to wonder what it is I’m doing here, peering through a lens|_

… Jesus, Poseidon, Adam and Eve, Ancient fucking Tigers. What the hell. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuck. FUCK!!!!!! OK GODDDDDDDDD skldfj;lasdkfn,asmdn kljRENASD,.FMNASDF MY LIFE IS SPENT

running an inept tour for my own sad swindle of a vacation until every goddamned thing’s reduced to

botched captions and dabs of misinformation in fractured, not-quite-right English|_

Whoa. That’s golden. Golden.

clippy 4Here it is. Here sir. Here.

Here sir, that’s the very place|_

Triple axel right into Jesus’ fucking face…

Jesus wept.|_

Alright now. Seven strategies of success, bring this one home to me. Bring it ho-o-o-ome… Yeah, Colosseum. In the goddamn colosseum. That’s where fucking Jesus wept. Right? I could write this in my goddamn sleep.

The Colosseum sprouts and blooms with leftover seeds|_

wait for it…

pooped by ancient tigers.|_​

clippy 5​​Let’s see… Bees✓, Flowers ✓, Jesus ✓✓, Ancient MOTHERFUCKING Tigers ✓✓✓✓. Hmm.

poseidonHoly shit, this is fantastic.

Poseidon diddled Philomel in the warm slap of this ankle-deep surf|_

Now what’s hot…yeah…

to the dying stings of a thousand jellyfish.|_

OK, finish strong. I’ve got it. Awesome. Yonder scraggly hilltop. Gorgeous. Waves are crashing. Scraggly. Yonder. Girls are gonna cream at this. Shelly is going to regret going with that fucking Professor. Red pill, baby, all the way.

There atop yonder scraggly hillock, Adam should’ve said no to Eve.|_


There, probably, atop yonder scraggly hillock, Adam should’ve said no to Eve.|_


clippy six
By Michael Derrick Hudson|_

By Michael Derr|_

By Mich|_

By M|_

By |_

By Yi-Fen Chou|_

Nailed it.

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